Keynote Talk at ICASE 2023

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Biography: DerrickI-Hsien Ting is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Management at, the National University of Kaohsiung, TAIWAN. He has a PhD degree in Computer Science, from the University of York, UK, His research interests focus on Data Mining and E-commerce, particularly on Web Mining, Social Network Analysis, Web Intelligence, E-commerce, and Semantic Web. He was a program chair of ASONAM 2011 in Kaohsiung and program chair of the KMO conference from 2013– 2024. Besides, he joined as chair of more than 30 International conferences and as a program committee member for more than 100 International conferences. Furthermore, he is now the managing editor of the international journal of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity and on the editor board for more than 10 International journals.

Title: Social Bots Detection: Social network analysis approach

Abstract: With the growth of social networking websites, social media has become a major platform for marketing, such as social business, political manipulation, influence and brand management, etc. However, social media marketing is very different from traditional marketing. Social media marketing needs to face many users and repeat the same process frequently. It is therefore a very human power-consuming task. This situation is the reason why Robotic Process Automation and Social-bots is now very popular on many social networking websites. However, there are many negative effects when applying social-bots for social marketing. For example, it may affect political and election results, spread misinformation and fake news speedily, lower the trust of social networking websites and cause cyberbullying, etc. Therefore, in addition to those social networking websites, more and more researchers are devoting to proposing efficient ways to detect social-bots. In this talk, I will introduce Social-bots and the approach to detect social-bots.